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Towers Family Farm Blueberry Picking

I always look forward to April in Northeast Florida, the mornings are still cool, the days are longer, warmer yet the humidity hasn’t crept in yet. Perfect weather for exploring local farms and blueberry picking. Recently we discovered a new to us farm to pick berries at, Towers Family Farms in Palatka, Florida.

Blueberry Picking in Jacksonville at Towers Family Farm

Located about one hour away from Jacksonville you will find Towers Family Farm tucked away down a dirt road, past cow fields with baby cows. The parking lot is in a large grassy field, there are plenty of spots to park but be prepared for mud from April showers and wear closed-toed shoes. After parking, you’ll check-in at the farm stand and decide which berry or other seasonal fruit or veggie you’ll be picking. There are different buckets depending on what you will be picking.

Towers Family Farm U-Pick Strawberries and Blueberries

Towers Family Farm offers U-Pick Strawberries & Blueberries

Towers Family Farms offered both u-pick strawberries and blueberries while we were visiting. We started with blueberries as that field is a short walk away from the farm stand. The blueberry buckets provided when full holds 2.5lbs of berries. This season blueberries are $5 per pound. The blueberry fields are separated into two sections; berries for baking, which are smaller, and berries for snacking, which were large, even quarter size and so delicious.

Blueberry u-pick at Towers Family Farm

The fields are well kept, with mature blueberry bushes planted in the ground. The bushes were full of big ripe berries low and high, perfect picking for all ages. The farm does not have much shade so make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen, and also bring bug spray and bring water.

Blueberry picking in Jacksonville

After filling up our blueberry buckets we went and picked up strawberry picking buckets from the farmstead. The strawberry fields are located right behind the farm stand. This season strawberries are $4 per pound. Pro mom tip: when visiting a farm I always bring a cooler and a flat cake pan or similar to transport your delicious berries home safely.

Towers Family Farm Strawberry & Blueberry Picking

Don’t Miss Blueberry U-Pick Season

The blueberry season typically starts in April and lasts for two months. Their strawberries begin harvest as early as January and can last through May. Check the Towers Family Farms Facebook page for current picking conditions and prices. Depending on seasonal availability Towers Family Farms also offers fruits and veggies. You can harvest peaches, blackberries, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, and watermelon depending on the time of year. There were also blueberry and strawberry plants for purchase.

Towers Family Farm was a beautiful, fun morning spent with my family. Make sure to add it to your family’s spring bucket list! Before heading to the farm make sure to call or check social media for current hours and picking conditions.

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Blueberry Picking in North Florida

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