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When you advertise with Jacksonville Beach Moms, we help you promote your business or event to local families right here in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Beach Moms is my favorite community blogger. They’re passionate about supporting local business and keeping the people of Jacksonville informed about upcoming events and deals! Recently, I had the joy of partnering with them for a fall-themed giveaway. They made the whole process fun, easy and super successful!

Katie Roseborough

Why Advertise with Jacksonville Beach Moms?

Jacksonville Beach Moms is the only local founded, locally focused media resource dedicated to bringing the best of Jacksonville to the families who live in and visit Jacksonville Beach. 98% of our readership and followers reside in the greater Jacksonville area, giving us a concentrated following that will help you reach families in North Florida. We can help you promote your businesses, events, local happenings, family friendly venues and so much more. We are not part of a national affiliate or franchise which gives us flexibility in advertising and sponsorships.

Working with Jacksonville Beach Moms was so smooth and easy! Great communication and results- I got some new followers and activity on my social media channels. Way to go to partner with local businesses!

Zuzia Soldenhoff-Thorpe