On the Hunt for Sea Glass in Jacksonville, Florida.

On the Hunt for Sea Glass in Jacksonville

If you’ve visited the beach in Jacksonville, you’ve probably spent some time hunting for those tiny treasures called shark teeth. Depending on which beach you visit, you might want to also want to hunt for sea glass in Jacksonville.

Sea Glass in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

There are lots of names for Sea Glass. Mermaid Tears, Beach Glass, Beach Jewels, Sea Gems, Sea Pearls, are just a few. But no matter what you call it, finding some can be a true thrill. We’ve got a few tips to help your hunt be more prosperous. Much like hunting for shark teeth, results can vary from day to day or beach to beach.

Skip the Sandy Beaches when Hunting for Sea Glass

Tips for Finding Sea Glass at the Beach in Florida

You’re probably not going to find sea glass on the pristine sandy beaches. When hunting for hidden treasures, you’re going to want to look in the rocky and shell ridden areas. Here in Jacksonville, Hanna Park has been known to produce some quality sea glass and although Mickler’s Beach is known for an abundance of shark teeth, there are fewer reports of glass findings.

Go at Low Tide to find Sea Glass

Finding Sea Glass in Jacksonville, Florida

If you want to increase your chances of finding sea glass, be sure to venture out at low tide. You can check the tide schedule here for the beach you plan to visit. After a storm is a great time to go out searching because the ocean will churn up all sorts of treasures.

Train Your Eyes to Look for Sea Glass

Train your eye to look for Sea Glass in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Sea glass can come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Unlike searching for shark teeth, when looking for sea glass, you might not even know what to look for. Ranging from clear and white, to blues, greens, browns, pink, red, teal and even purple, there’s really no telling what color sea glass you might find. Certain beaches do tend to attract specific colors. There are beaches where you’ll find tons of rare red sea glass and some where you’ll most likely never find a piece of red.

Be Prepared to Find Just Glass

Finding Sea Glass in Florida

One of the things you might realize when you start looking for sea glass is that there is a lot of just glass (not yet tumbled by the sea) out on the beach. Be sure to do your part and help keep our beaches clean by disposing of glass trash (and any trash you find) properly.

Green Sea Glass found in Florida

So what are you waiting for? Head out to one of our Jacksonville Beaches and see if you can find some of these glass treasures waiting for you.

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Finding Sea Glass in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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