Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

Jacksonville Athletic Club

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Track and field is a sport that has something for everyone. Like to run fast but not far? Try the sprints and hurdles! Like to run far but not too fast? Try the distance events! Like to throw things and watch them fly? You should try throwing a javelin or a discus! Like to see how far you can jump? Try the long jump or triple jump! Are you a daredevil who likes flying through the air and making your parents nervous? The pole vault is perfect for you!   

The Jacksonville Athletic Club is a year-round track and field club that works with athletes of all ages and abilities, helping them become better athletes and have fun in the process. What began in 2013 with just a few athletes has grown into the premier track and field club in Jacksonville. They offer a youth program for kids ages 5-12, a middle school program, and a high school program for athletes of all abilities and dedication levels. These range from athletes who are just looking to make their high school team, win a state championship, obtain a college scholarship, and everything in between. They also host numerous track and field events throughout the year, including unique events like pole vaulting at the zoo, a city-wide elementary school track meet, a summer series of track meets and even pole vaulting on the beach.

So why should you sign up your child to train with the Jacksonville Athletic Club? Here are our top 5 reasons why your child will love learning from them:

Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

Kids can learn how to pole vault at any age.

One of our specialties is teaching the pole vault to kids, and then helping them become state champions. Since 2014 there have been 18 pole vaulters from the First Coast to finish top 3 in the pole vault at the state meet. Jacksonville Athletic Club has coached 17 of them, and most of them started with them in middle school. Their pole vault coaches are the best in the area, and can teach kids as young a 8 years old how to pole vault. They also offer pole vault year-round, so feel free to start anytime.

Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

Kids can compete in track and field meets.

Throughout the year Jacksonville Athletic Club hosts many track and field meets that are open to the public. This is a great way to promote the sport of track and field, and give many kids the opportunity to compete. They host a summer series of meets, unique pole vaulting meets (twice pole vaulting inside the Avenues Mall), as well as a few meets in the winter. Practice is fun, but competing is even better. They host all of their meets locally to give many fun opportunities for those in the community.

Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

Your child will get the best coaching available in all track and field events.

One of the things that sets Jacksonville Athletic Club apart from other track clubs is that they provide coaching in all of the track and field events. They are a complete track and field club, and not just a “sprints club” or “pole vault club”.  Your child will learn the fundamentals of the different events, and then usually over time they will gravitate towards the event or events that they enjoy the most. Jacksonville Athletic Club coaches work with athletes and their parents find which events would best suit the athlete.

Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

No team at your school? Practice with Jacksonville Athletic Club!

Some middle schools don’t have a track team, but there are many kids who want to learn the events and participate in the sport. Jacksonville Athletic Club is able to work with kids year round, teaching them the events, and even hosting meets where they will be able to compete. They have also seen so many friendships flourish with kids who met at the Jacksonville Athletic Club, but attended other schools. Some have grown up together and even roomed together in college, after obtaining scholarships in track and field. If you want to do track but can’t at your school, they have a place for you.

Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

Kids will learn skills that will help them across all sports.

In track and field you learn how to run faster, throw harder and jump higher. These are all skills that will help you in any sport. Jacksonville Athletic Club sees kids use their track and field training to run faster on the soccer field, jump higher on the basketball court, and become a better overall athlete. For the football players they have been able to help tremendously with running faster 40 yard times and improving the athlete’s jumping ability. Training with them will help all aspects of athleticism, and will be done in a fun way. 

How can I find out more information about your club and sign up?
Visit their website, www.JacksonvilleTrack.com to learn more about Jacksonville Athletic Club and what they have to offer your child. All of their programs are listed on our website, from youth programs, summer club, summer camps, and our pole vaulting clinics. Have any questions? Feel free to email them at [email protected] or call 423.943.5507.

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Jacksonville Athletic Club - Track & Field for kids

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