Jacksonville Murals

Jacksonville Murals: I-Spy Scavenger Hunt for Families

In Jacksonville, murals are everywhere! So we found a fun & creative way to get out of the house and get the kids involved in finding some of them. Jacksonville has a pretty amazing local art scene, including many large-scale murals that range in styles from cartoonish to spacey to surreal and more. These murals can be found downtown (often several in close proximity), in neighborhoods like Murray Hill, as well as many here at the beach. So grab the kiddos, pack some snacks, hop in the car and let’s go on a mural hunt!

Murals in Downtown Jacksonville

Jacksonville Mural Frogs - Ispy Scavenger Hunt for kids!

Earth Gods by Shaun Thurston

100 E Adams Street
If you like enormous frogs emerging from the earth holding little people in a boat (and who doesn’t) this first mural is for you!
Clues for kids: I spy a tiny person who can barely be seen, some falling rocks and trees that are green.

Flora & Fauna Jacksonville Murals for Kids

Flora and Fauna by James Peka

Omni Parking Garage – 245 Water Street
Is it a blue lady, is it a hand is it a swordfish?  Yes, yes it is.
Clues for kids: I spy a face with black lips, a hand, and a sword that’s a fish.

Chamblin Mural Jacksonville, Florida

Floating Land by Shaun Thurston

Chamblin’s Uptown – 215 Laura Street
Surreal Avatar-esque floating earth scenes.
Clues for kid: I spy some deer that are brown, some wolves and trees off the ground.

MOSH Mural in Jacksonville, Florida

Mosh Mural by Shaun Thurston

1025 Museum Circle
Spacemen, wooly mammoths & very lovable tardigrades oh my!
Clues for kids: I spy an eagle that flies, a mammoth, an astronaut and a bug that’s huge in size.

Julia Street Murals Jacksonville, Florida

Sleeping Buddha by Cal Oglesby

118 N Julia Street
Julia street actually has 3 murals for the price of one! Find Buddha snoozing and then spot the Escher- inspired illustration as well as the colorful & glamorous ladies on the side of the parking garage.
Clues for kids: I spy a buddha taking a nap, a whale in a cup and a man with a hat.

Calvin & Hobbes Mural in Jacksonville, FL

Calvin & Hobbes Inspired by Jerkface

Bank of America near Edgewood/ Post intersection in Murray Hill
How could a jerkface paint this mural inspired by one of our favorite Sunday morning cartoons?
Clues for kids: I spy a 6 tiger noses, 2 tickling hands, and water that reaches up from the land.

Bloom where you are planted Mural in Jacksonville, Florida

Bloom Where You are Planted by Brenda Kato

4045 Post Street
With swirly Van-Gogh style stars and sunflowers with purple leaves, we are so here for this one.
Clues for kids: I spy a purple leaf, a swirly sky, a sunflower bud and a moon up high.

Arlington Mural in Jacksonville, FL

Arlington by Nico Holderbaum, Christopher Clark, Tatiana Kitchen, Elena Ohlander, Tilin Torres, Steven Teller, Ansley Randall & Anthony Rooney  

845 University Blvd N (facing Arlington Expressway)
This mural spells out Arlington in 8 very unique but cohesive style.
Clues for kids: I spy a football helmet, a tall giraffe, 2 floating butterflies and a woman who laughs.

Jacksonville Murals at the Beaches

Chicken Mural in Jacksonville, Florida - Coop303

Rooster Mural by Anthony Rooney

303 Atlantic Blvd
It’s a really big rooster. Like a giant rooster. And some chickens.
Clues for kids: I spy a yellow feather, 2 beady eyes, a beak and chickens little in size.

Jacksonville Beach Whale Mural

Jax Beach Whales by Jim Lynch

325 17th Ave North
This elaborate mural wraps around 2 sides of an otherwise nondescript building.
Clues for kids: I spy a whale with his tail in the air, a dolphin jumping and an eye that can stare.

Surfer the Bar Mural in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Surfer the Bar Mural by Anthony Rooney

200 First Street North
A surfer babe dominates the front of the building while a wave/tentacle hybrid wraps around the back.
Clues for kids: I spy a wave of blue, a board of red, and lots of bubbles coming out of a head.

Green Room Brewery Mural in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Nudibranch by Shaun Thurston

228 3rd Street North
Sea creature with coral growing out of its spiky body- cheers!
Clues for kids: I spy a starfish, a turtle that’s brown, something with spikes and a fish flying off the ground.

Taco Lu Mural in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Dia De Los Muertos Mural by Jessica Becker

1712 Beach Blvd
Virgen de Guadalupe sugar skull radness.
Clues for kid: I spy 2 daisy flowers, a tiny heart, and some blue tear drops.

Anti Bad Vibes Mural in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Anti- Bad Vibes Shield by Ozzie Wright

834 Beach Blvd
Good vibes only please, illustrated by graphic happy waves & polka dots.
Clues for kids: I spy a gem, a purple B, 6 orange dots and a letter T.

Woman/Leaves Mural & Butterfly Mural by Nico Holderbaum

777 3rd Street South
Casual profile of lady with perfect messy bun & perfect cheekbones. Butterfly wings next door.
Clues for kids: I spy the letter E, an earring, and some swirly leaves.

Jax Beach Sea Turtle Mural

1177 3rd Street South
Exactly what it sounds like, rad turtle with Jax Beach sign!
Clues for kids: I spy some brain coral, bubbles floating by, the letter x, and a ray of sun from the sky.

Jacksonville Beach Mural

Jacksonville Beach Mural

265 5th Avenue North
The ultimate Jax Beach graffiti sign!
Clues for kids: I spy a surf board, a small sailboat, 2 palm trees and water to float.

Mattie Shepherd moved to Jax Beach from Cincinnati about 3 years ago. She was a school psychologist for 9 years and enjoys using behaviorism on her husband and 2 daughters (JK, kind of). Mattie co-leads a Daisy Troop, is very proud to be on PTA board and cheers LOUDLY watching her daughter play ALL the sports. Mattie loves exploring Jax, especially in search of parks, coffee, cocktails and delish food. At home, she likes baking with her girls, dreaming of buying a fixer upper and covering it with #shiplap, and cropping messes out of her Instagram shots.

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Murals in Jacksonville, Florida

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