First Day Quarantine Homeschool Signs

First Day of School Signs:: Quarantine Edition

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Quarantine homeschool, virtual school, Covid academy. No matter what you call it, document this unprecedented time with a picture using our quarantine homeschool signs.

Document our School Closures

Due to school closures many students and parents are entering uncharted territory with home and virtual schooling becoming the norm for us to finish out the 2019-2020 school year. While it might not seem important, we’re urging you to document this unprecedented time. One day our children will look back on this and tell their kids the tales of school closures, self isolation and social distancing. Give them a visual memory using a quarantine homeschool sign to go along with it and document this new educational adventure we’re all experiencing!


If your kids are starting the year at home, with Duval HomeRoom? Good news, we have a sign for that! Duval HomeRoom is the online option many of our Duval County Public School students are embarking on this year. While some kids are going back to full brick & mortar, many have chosen an online option for the beginning of the year. While this might not warrant a picture with our quarantine homeschool signs, you can also use our First Day of Duval HomeRoom sign to document this educational journey.

Mandatory Homeschool

Some of our students are encountering homeschooling for the first time. It might not be what we originally choose for the year. However, parents all over Jacksonville are striving to make the best of it. Be sure to document your homeschool successes and failures. Years from now our grandchildren will want to hear the tale of how our parents left for spring break, and never returned for the school year. Being forced to learn from home for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

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First Day of School Quarantine Homeschool Duval Homeroom
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First Day Quarantine Homeschool Signs

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