Jacksonville Florida Parks with Kids

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks to Visit

If you’re looking to get the kids out of the house and exploring, we’ve got 5 favorite Jacksonville Parks that you should check out! There’s only so many times you can visit that same Jax Beach playground without wondering, what else does across the ditch have to offer? The good news is, Jacksonville has started to renovate local parks and add new futuristic features that make the kids say WOW! Here are some of our favorite Jacksonville parks to make your afternoon.

Boone Park in San Marco, Jacksonville, Florida

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks: Boone Park in San Marco

The South Playground at Boone Park is one of those that features newer equipment. The bigger kids can enjoy climbing through a giant net while the tots enjoy their smaller space. Slides, swings, and even workout equipment make this the perfect park for everyone. The south playground is also attached to Boone Park. It features a long walking trails, shaded picnic areas, and tennis courts amongst oak trees. This park is always busy so come prepared to make some lifelong friends.

Landon Park in San Marco, Jacksonville, Florida

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks: Landon Park in San Marco

In the heart of San Marco lies Landon Park. Also newly renovated, this park now features another large cubed climbing structure. It also has swings, including the new style saucer swing, and structures for both big and little kids. Across the street are old San Marco homes rich in history and while playing you can see beautiful views of the river from Riverfront Park. This is the perfect park to visit after a tasty San Marco lunch! 

Alexandria Oaks Park in San Marco, Jacksonville, Florida

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks: Alexandria Oaks Park in San Marco

Most kids have a plethora of soccer balls, kick balls, and more types of large lawn fun equipment, but if you live in a smaller neighborhood, you may just need some space. Alexandria Oaks Park offers a walking trail that is surrounded by a large open field begging you to play on it. Bring bubbles, frisbees, and more when you come to hang out in this perfect picnic park for the day. Imagination is welcome!

Clarke House Park in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks: Clarke House Park in Orange Park

If you love Sunshine Park in Jacksonville Beach then you will absolutely love Clarke House Park too! Recently renovated, this park boasts cubbies, secret walkways, and more entice kids to get out their inner lads and ladies by playing their favorite medieval games. There’s even a small pirate ship to play on. Parents also have peace of mind knowing there is one way in and out of the park. Pavilions are available for party rentals and there is also a 1900’s home on the property that now serves as the meeting place for the Orange Park Historical Society. Amongst the trees you’ll be able to find a lake and walking trails! 

Tillie K Fowler Regional Park in Jacksonville, Florida

5 Favorite Jacksonville Parks: Tillie K. Fowler Park in Ortega

This park is truly one of a kind as it is Jacksonville’s largest city park measuring 500+ acres. Tillie K. Fowler Park has walking trails, a watchtower looking over the marsh, and a large playground are just a few of the park features.  The large playground features several slides and a mulch bed for cushion from monkey bar falls. Along the walking trails you will stumble past an old brick road from 1917 that was used to transfer supplies from place to place. This park is definitely for the family interested in local history. 

While this list does not encompass ALL the parks in Jacksonville, it is a few of our favorites. If you’re looking for parks closer to Jacksonville Beach be sure to check out our Beaches Park Guide.

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5 favorite Jacksonville Parks that you should check out!

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