Boone Park Playground in Jacksonville, FL

Boone Park: 3 Reasons We Love It

Boone Park, located just a block from The Avenues at Avondale, is a great Jacksonville park to spend an entire day. From the ample parking and paved paths to the partially corralled playground, Boone Park is sure to enchant. 

Boone Park has Lots of Shade

Separated into two sections, Boone Park is huge. It is filled with beautiful trees making it an oasis of sorts right in the center of town. Almost the entire park is covered in shade. This makes it the perfect place to take a walk on the paved paths, lay out a blanket for a picnic, or relax on one of the many benches scattered throughout. 

Boone Park Jacksonville, FL

There’s Plenty of Parking

Like I mentioned before, Boone Park is separated into two sections. Because it is so large and divided by Herschel Street, you’ll want to consider which part of the park you’d like to visit. If you’re looking to take the kids to the playground and hang out on the south side of the park, I recommend entering “Boone Park Playground” into the GPS rather than simply “Boone Park”. Doing this will lead you to the parking located on Van Wert Ave., closest to the play structures right off of Saint John’s Ave.

Here you’ll find plenty of parking along the park. There’s even more street parking across the street if those spots are already occupied. I mention this because unfortunately, there is no way to drive across Herschel Street via Van Wert Ave if you find yourself on the opposite end of the park. You’ll have to navigate yourself around the park through residential neighborhoods or pack up everything you’ve brought and make the long trek through the northside of the park on foot. 

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There’s Great Playground Equipment

Boone Park is adorned with some really cool playground equipment similar to that found at Landon Park in San Marco. Here you’ll find climbing structures, large slides and traditional swings for the big kids. In addition, there’s a nest swing, multiple exercise type machines, a teeter-totter, a tot-lot with baby swings, a supernova ring, and spinning bowls. 

Boone Park in Jacksonville

If you’re in the area and looking to spend the day outside, Boone Park is the place to be! Boone Park is located at 3725-3735 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205.

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Boone Park Playground in Jacksonville, FL

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