Little Free Library locations in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Free Little Libraries in Jacksonville Beach

If you’ve ever been out for a stroll, you may have spotted one of these cute & colorful Free Little Libraries in Jacksonville Beach. They are exactly what they look like, a little library, or more specifically, a Little Free Library. LFLs were originally created to facilitate access to books for diverse groups in a variety of locations. They operate on the honor system, you are welcome to take a book, as well as encouraged to (but not required to) leave a book for others to enjoy. If you start looking around town, you’ll notice that they are located in several areas around Jacksonville, including churches, parks, shops, neighborhoods & shelters. Visiting the Free Little Libraries around Jax and the Beaches is one of our favorite summertime activities.

Little Free Libraries in Jacksonville, Florida.

Get Involved with Little Free Libraries

  1. Print out a map showing little libraries in your area. Visit the different locations and explain to your children how they work (you get to choose a book, then “pay it forward” by sharing a book for others).
  2. Go through your bookshelves and pick out a few books to donate. You could even purchase a few new books to donate. After touring the Little Libraries we noticed that while they generally have a surplus of books for adult readers, they have a minimal supply of children’s books. Many of the books are well-loved, so a refresh would be welcomed.
  3. You can even start a Little Free Library of your very own! Anyone can do so, and the website even includes construction plans. If you’re not the DIY type, you can always buy a premade Little Library Kit. This would be a fantastic service project for a scouting troop, or a unique idea for giving during holiday season.

Free Little Libraries in Jacksonville Beach

  • Atlantic Beach Police Department – 850 Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach
  • Atlantic Beach Elementary – 298 Sherry Drive, Atlantic Beach
  • Beaches History Museum – 381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach
  • Carver Center – 777 5th Ave South, Jacksonville Beach
  • Discovery School – 102 S 15th Street, Jacksonville Beach
  • Gonzales Park – 1001 2nd Ave N, Jacksonville Beach
  • Hopkins Lane & Kings Road – 1707 Hopkins Creek Lane, Neptune Beach
  • Mission House – 800 Shetter Ave, Jacksonville Beach
  • Palms Presbyterian Church – 3410 Third Street South, Jacksonville Beach
  • Donner Park – 2072 George Street, Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach – 3rd Street, North of Seagate Avenue, Jacksonville Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach – 1929 Tanglewood Avenue, Jacksonville Beach
  • South Jacksonville Beach – 1889 Ocean Pond Drive, Jacksonville Beach
  • Sunshine Park – 2514 S Beach Pkwy, Jacksonville Beach
  • Villages of Pablo – (by the pool) San Pablo Road, Jacksonville
  • Seaside Charter – A1A headed toward Wonderwood Expressway, Atlantic Beach
  • Atlantic Beach – Ocean Blvd between 3rd and 4th Street, Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach Elementary – 315 S 10th St, Jacksonville Beach
  • Seabreeze Elementary – 1400 Seabreeze Ave, Jacksonville Beach
  • Sunshine Park – Just outside the Playground
  • World Revolt Art Gallery – 1249 Mayport Road, Atlantic Beach

So what are you waiting for? Grab the kids and a few books to swap out and get exploring some of our own Little Free Libraries right here in Jacksonville Beach!

Mattie Shepherd moved to Jax Beach from Cincinnati about 3 years ago. She was a school psychologist for 9 years and enjoys using behaviorism on her husband and 2 daughters (JK, kind of). Mattie co-leads a Daisy Troop, is very proud to be on PTA board and cheers LOUDLY watching her daughter play ALL the sports. Mattie loves exploring Jax, especially in search of parks, coffee, cocktails and delish food. At home, she likes baking with her girls, dreaming of buying a fixer upper and covering it with #shiplap, and cropping messes out of her Instagram shots.
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Little Free Libraries in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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    We love to see books in the hands of readers throughout our area. For information about new projects in Fernandina, Yulee, & Callahan please see “Tiny Libraries of Nassau” on Facebook

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