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St. Augustine Distillery Tour & Tasting

The St. Augustine Distillery is a place where small batch whiskey, rum, gin and vodka are handcrafted to perfection. Located in the heart of St. Augustine the distillery is housed in the historic Ice Plant building, rich with history and utilizes locally sourced ingredients for their spirits.

St. Augustine Distillery Tasting & Tour

Touring St. Augustine Distillery

When you enter the St. Augustine Distillery, the first thing you notice is the authentic brick and stunning historic structure. An interesting fact, the building where the distillery is currently is located is the former FP&L Ice Plant, part of St. Augustine’s first power and ice complex.

St. Augustine - Distillery Tour

Self guided tours of the St. Augustine Distillery are completely free. The tour lasts about 30 minutes and that includes a special tasting of many of their spirits. If you’re a true bourbon enthusiast, you can also book a guided tour with additional tasting for a small fee.

St. Augustine Distillery Bourbon Barrels

Inside the Distillery

As you work your way through the tour you’ll see the bottling area and learn about how they craft their small batch bourbon, gin, vodka and rum. During this tour, be prepared for it to be warm if you visit in the summer, the warehouse where the equipment and barrels are stored isn’t climate controlled.

Complimentary tasting in St. Augustine.

After you tour the production facility you’ll move inside to a bar that’s set up for tasting. St. Augustine Distillery is very generous with their tastings. You’ll get to try a variety of their signature drinks and learn a little more about their cocktail mixers.

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Free Tasting at St. Augustine Distillery

The offering of cocktail samples varies by day, but the St. Augustine Distillery does a great job showcasing a variety of their different spirits. After you taste the prepared cocktails you’re invited to the bar in the gift shop area to sample even more of their small batch spirits.

Things to do in St. Augustine

Finally, the last stop on your tour and tasting is the gift shop. As you’ll see, the St. Augustine Distillery has a great gift shop where you can purchase all of their products along with other gifts cocktail enthusiasts will love. Should you arrive when tours are full, you can still visit the gift shop area to pick a few things up. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun and educational distillery tour (and complimentary tasting) in North Florida, be sure to check out the St. Augustine Distillery.

If you’re more of a wine drinker, or want to make a day of your tasting experience, be sure to check out the San Sebastian Winery, right down the road.

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St. Augustine Distillery Tour and Tasting

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