Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Services in Jacksonville, FL

2024 Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Services in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Services Guide is a paid advertorial sponsored by our favorite local businesses.

There are lots of great services providers throughout North Florida where you can turn for pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. Whether you’re looking for a doula, help with sleep training, pelvic floor therapy, or high quality gear for parents and baby.

Baby Boldly

Baby Boldly

We pack your birth bag for you!

Baby Boldly provides the parentheses of prep around moms with non-toxic, pre-packed hospital birth bags and postpartum preparedness kits. We introduced America’s first non-toxic pre-packed hospital birth bag for expecting moms, believing moms deserve more than what they’re given at the hospital and that a better birth experience begins with preparation. 

Bellies, Boobs, Babies & Bliss

Bellies, boobs, babies & bliss - Jacksonville Doula

With 22 years of Doula experience, hundreds of births attended and multiple credentials; many local families found Jessica’s support and guidance to improve their Pregnancy, Birth, VBAC, Breastfeeding & Postpartum journey. Inquire today to book your 2024 Birth! 

Blissfully Rested: Pediatric Sleep Coaching

Blissfully Rested Sleep Coaching in Jacksonville, FL

Clare Herrera is a certified pediatric sleep coach. She specializes in baby and young children’s sleep. Clare is passionate about getting young children and their parents alike their much needed, restorative rest! Clare’s approach stems from struggling with her own child and knowing how exhausting it can be. After successfully finding a method that both worked and allowed her to be hands on with her own child; she knew there was a great need for other parents to have the support to reach their sleep goals with their own children, all while seeing the importance of taking a child centered approach. Clare’s approach is simple: she creates an age appropriate, easy-to-follow, customized sleep plan that works for the whole family. Her services include: 1:1 sleep coaching, 45 minutes Ask Me Anything Calls, and group educational seminars.

Doulas of Jacksonville

Doulas of Jacksonville

Doulas of Jacksonville is a birth doula agency providing evidence based education and unbiased birth doula support for expecting families in the greater northeast Florida area. Our passion is helping families have a more positive start to parenthood whether it’s your first or fifth birth. Education and advocacy is what we specialize in, preparing you for the journey that brings you into motherhood. Home, birth center, hospital, we support you through it all!


Genny Childbirth Class - Jacksonville, FL

This class is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, & confidence to have the labor and birth you desire.

Genny is a military wife, mother of two, and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator & ICEA certified. She prepares pregnant women (and partners) for childbirth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period. Genny knows that childbirth education truly drives birth satisfaction, partner involvement and how the mind, body and spirit need proper preparation for the labor process. Genny has supported evidence based research on birth long before becoming a mother herself. She is certified through Lamaze International and currently teaches in surrounding Jacksonville hospitals as well as private classes at Jax Beach. Visit our site to view upcoming class offerings.

Jax Bump & Beyond Expo

Jax Bump & Beyond Baby Expo

Jax Bump & Beyond is a Jacksonville, Florida based expo dedicated to supporting local parents & parents-to-be in a natural lifestyle of birth and parenting. We take pride in what our community has to offer families. Our main focus is nurturing expecting families through toddlerhood! And preparing moms with tools and resources to thrive during those early parenting years. With an AWESOME birth & parenting convention, packed with ORGANIC & ECO-friendly products. EXCLUSIVE deals & expert educational speakers on the birth & parenting topics that matter to YOU… we hope this will be an experience to remember! Did I mention SWAG BAGS and giveaways?!? See site for information and tickets!

Kassandra Swenson Birth Services

Kassandra Swenson Birth Services

Experience the journey of pregnancy and childbirth with personalized care and empowerment at Kassandra Swenson Birth Services. As a certified Hypnobabies and Spinning Babies instructor, I offer unique and comprehensive Doula Services and Childbirth Education. My focus extends beyond traditional support, fostering a close relationship with couples to ensure they are well-informed, knowledgeable, and equipped with tools for a comfortable pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. Elevate your birthing journey with KS Birth Services, where your confidence and comfort are my top priorities.

Mama Be Well

Mama Be Well Jacksonville

Mama Be Well provides Holistic Maternal and Infant Wellness services, provided by two Occupational Therapists. Receive specialized care tailored for the mother-infant dyad in the comfort of your own home. Support we offer includes lactation and infant feeding, postpartum planning, prenatal/postnatal yoga, prenatal breastfeeding education, infant and postpartum therapeutic massage, and educational consults to support infant development. 

Revolution Chiropractic

Revolution Chiropractic Jacksonville, FL

We are a family-focused chiropractic practice, focusing on gentle, safe, and holistic care for expectant mothers and children of all ages. Our all-women team is certified in the Webster Technique, designed to promote comfort and optimal development during pregnancy. From prenatal to pediatric care that supports healthy growth and development, we are here to nurture your family’s health journey every step of the way. Our warm, welcoming environment is designed to make you and your little ones feel at home. We are currently located in Bartram Park and on the Intracoastal.

SB Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC

SB Physical Therapy

SB Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC was founded to provide specialized Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy services to women throughout their lifespan. Prenatal physical therapy and wellness helps to minimize common symptoms such as low back and pelvic girdle pain or urinary leakage during pregnancy; provide education and strategies for managing pain during active phase of labor, review & practice of childbirth delivery positioning, perineal massage, pelvic floor muscle relaxation and breathing techniques that are most advantageous for a vaginal delivery and decreased risk of tearing; as well as, early postpartum recovery tips to navigate the initial healing period post vaginal and c-section childbirth. Postpartum physical therapy and wellness guides the postpartum momma through the phases of tissue healing and physical recovery regardless of mode of delivery; screens for & addresses pelvic floor-related symptoms such as pain, leakage, vaginal heaviness, constipation and resuming sex; and utilizes evidence-based return to exercise in the postpartum period to meet your goals. Additionally, Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness, Movement and Functional Training, & Wellness-based Private Yoga & Pilates sessions are offered as well! Reach out today to book your free consultation call!

Sunny Doula Care

Sunny Doula Jacksonville

Support Through the Planned, and the Unexpected
Sunny Doula Care LLC offers specialized Newborn Care, as well as Kangaroula, Postpartum, Pregnancy Loss, and Pediatric, and/or family-centered End of Life Doula services. Free consultations are available virtually, and services are available virtually (depending on the needs requested), in home, or on site.

The Jacksonville Baby Company

The Jacksonville Baby Company

The Jacksonville Baby Company has been the leader of fourth-trimester care in Northeast Florida, since 2013! We ensure you get the sleep you need to recover from birth, confidently care for your newborn, and create a lasting family bond. With day, overnight, live-in, and travel care, we fit seamlessly into your life while supporting your well-being and helping you achieve your goals in parenthood. Check out our Google and Facebook reviews.

Thank you to the Jacksonville pregnancy, birth and postpartum services businesses who participated in our guide. If you are a local business and interested in being added to this guide, you can learn more by downloading our media kit or emailing us for additional information.

Pregnancy Services in Jacksonville, FL

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