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Jacksonville Humane Society: 5 Ways for Families to Get Involved

The Jacksonville Humane Society is one of the oldest non-profits in North Florida. They provide pet adoptions and other services you might be familiar with, but there are lots of programs for kids and families that might be new to you. If you’re looking for ways to get involved with Jacksonville Humane Society, there are tons of great options. Check out 5 pawsome ways you and your kids can give back.

Dog Day Out at Jacksonville Humane Society

Dog Day Out

The Dog Day Out program is a great way to get involved at Jacksonville Humane Society. Families can check a shelter pup out for a fun-filled day in Jacksonville. This program is a wonderful way to dip your toes into pet ownership and gives you the opportunity to see how your little ones react to a furry friend before fully committing to adoption.

Pawsitive Reading Program

Pawsitive Reading

This is a free program in which children can spend time volunteering to read out loud to the dogs and cats at Jacksonville Humane Society. Believe it or not, just listening to a person reading out loud has been proven to lower stress levels in animals! Pawsitive Reading is also a great way for kids to work on their literacy skills in a safe, fun environment. In order to become Pawsitive Readers, children must first attend a one-time orientation with a parent or guardian. 

Jacksonville Animal Camp

Jacksonville Humane Society Camps

The Jacksonville Humane Society is proud to offer a selection of educational camps for children of all ages. These camps provide young animal enthusiasts with the invaluable opportunity to learn about animal welfare and sheltering, animal behavior, how to help pets in our community, and the importance of kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Fostering Pets with Jacksonville Humane Society

Fostering Pets

Fostering pets is a great way to get your family involved. The robust foster program has options that will fit any family’s preference. Families are able to foster underage kittens and puppies, adult cats, or adult dogs. This is a fantastic way to introduce your children to caring for animals while also helping out the pets in Jacksonville who need it the most. 

Donation Drives for Jacksonville Humane Society

Donation Drives

Donation Drives are an amazing way to give back to animals in Jacksonville. You family can collect things like pet food, treats, and toys for the homeless pets at Jacksonville Humane Society. Donations drives are flexible and you can decide the dates you would like to run it, who you would like to ask, and what items you are looking for. Your family’s generous donation can help support our community food bank, brighten a pet’s day, and say hello to all the dogs and cats when you drop off your items.

 The Jacksonville Humane Society is proud to offer programs that allow for families with children to learn about animal welfare and get involved with the pets in our community who need it the most!

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