First Day Quarantine Homeschool Signs

First Day of School Signs:: Quarantine Edition

Happy first day of virtual school or homeschool or should we say mandatory COVID-Classroom? Due to school closures many students and parents are entering uncharted territory with home and virtual schooling becoming the norm for us to finish out the 2019-2020 school year. While it might not seem important, we’re urging you to document this unprecedented time. One day our children will look back on this and tell their kids the tales of school closures, self isolation and social distancing. Give them a visual memory to go along with it and document this new educational adventure we’re all experiencing!

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First Day of School Quarantine Homeschool Duval Homeroom
Mandatory Homeschool for students due to Covid-19
First day of quarantine homeschool in Florida.
Quarantine Homeschool 2020
Mandatory Homeschool Signs for kids with schools that are closed.
Pin Jacksonville Beach Moms
First Day Quarantine Homeschool Signs

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