A toddler mom's guide to trucks, trains and airplanes in Jacksonville, FL

A Toddler Mom’s Guide to Trucks, Trains, and Airplanes in Jacksonville

If your toddler is firmly in their “truck” era then you understand the days of excitement that continued after the annual Touch A Truck and Hot Wheels Monster Truck Glow Party. Luckily for the wheel-obsessed young ones, there are plenty of unique places and activities year round for all things trucks, trains, and airplanes in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Fire Station Visits for Kids

Visit a Jacksonville Fire Station

Both Sunshine Park and Jack Russell Park are located next to fire stations, making for a sight to see before or after fun on the swings. Jack Russell Park also hosts the Atlantic Beach Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am to 2pm hosting several food trucks that make for a fun snack. The park even has truck tires to climb.

Jacksonville Airport Observation

Opened in 2014, this hidden gem is a perfect spot to post up with a picnic and watch the planes take off from the JAX airport. Make a game of counting how many planes take off while you’re there.

Trains in Jacksonville

Beaches Museum

Your child may have spotted the train while stopped at the light at Beach Blvd. and 3rd St. in Jax Beach. The 1911 train engine is hosted at the museum alongside a few other exhibits that tell the history of the beaches. During the holidays, the museum hosts holiday events, including transforming the exhibit into a favorite holiday train. An added bonus: the Beaches Museum is one of our favorite free museums in Jacksonville to visit.

Ringhaver Park

If you’re looking to see planes then head to Ringhaver Park. Located on the west side of Jacksonville, this multi-use park tucked near NAS JAX airbase. The park even includes shaded and serene walking trails, that is when the aircrafts aren’t taking off above the trees.

Blue Angels Jacksonville

Sea and Sky Airshow

A favorite event set among the backdrop of the beaches, the event held in the fall and alternates locations between the beach and west side. The air show is filled with air acts, including the world-famous United States Navy Blue Angels. Any spot on the beach is a good one as they zoom above your heads along the coast.

St. Augustine Trolly

A pillar to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area, the St. Augustine trolly provides a fun sightseeing way around the city. You can hop on and off so your little one can experience it like the first time, every time.

Construction Sites in Jacksonville, FL

Admire Local Construction Sites (From a Distance)

While a slightly unconventional activity, this free event requires nothing more than a stroller and sneakers. From a safe distance, local construction zones can be a fun way to name all the excavators and cranes from afar.

Local Duluth Trading Company

If you’re in need of outdoor wear, turn an errand into a car-themed event. There are several antique cars and trucks to spot throughout the store, providing a fun game of “where’s the truck?” while attempting to shop.

Garbage Truck Tailgate

Garbage Truck Tailgate Party

Ask your postal worker or waste truck driver their typical timeframes that they’re in your neighborhood. Set up a beach chair and bubbles to build up the excitement as they come, and don’t forget the coffee.

Brumos Collection

This local automotive museum is a fun spot to visit with little and big kids. There are lots of great racing cars and you might learn a little history while you’re there. There is a fee to visit the museum but kids under 7 are free.

Bonus: Local Craft and Hardware Store Workshops

Check out the free kids workshops offered at Home Depot, Lowes, and Michael’s for the chance for your child to build their own train, truck, or plane. These fun and free drop in events are the perfect activity for the weekend.

Where’s your favorite spot for all things trucks, trains, and airplanes in Jacksonville?

Callie is a Northern Virginia native, Sunshine Park regular, mom of a toddler and four-legged pre-teen, and golf wife to her husband who is the house favorite. They moved to Jacksonville from the DC area in December 2018 and trading the beltway for the beaches was the best decision of their dog’s life. She spends weekdays working in marketing and weekends working as the activity planner in search of the best nap-inducing events. This typically consists of beach in the morning, soccer and splash pad in the second morning, pool after lunch, Target, and golf carting to get Mayday in the evenings. During the moments to herself she’s listening to podcasts, watching Bravo, laughing at Tik Toks, or adding to cart. She prefers her Roundbird iced and my TacoLu “dilla” style. And if you ever want to discuss niche 90s and 2000s references or anything pop culture related, she’s your Jacksonville Beach Mom. Follow Callie for a mix of all the above!

A toddler mom's guide to trucks, trains and airplanes in Jacksonville, FL

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