Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida.

Eco-Friendly Green Gifts

Eco-Friendly Green Gifts aren’t just great to give, they’re great for our planet. Have you ever wondered how to lower your carbon footprint? We all love the great outdoors and sharing some of our favorite nature spots with the kids. Sure, you’ve taken the simple steps by unplugging your devices, driving less, and taking reusable containers everyday for your lunch, but what’s the next step? Let’s dive into some items that will make you become even more green and eco-friendly, and the best part, they all come from companies here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida. Nadia Korths Biodegradable Food Wrap.

Beeskeeper Food Covers

How much saran wrap do you use? Local minimalist, and off the grid home improvement guru Nadia Korths, makes biodegradable replacement covers for plastic wrap out of beeswax and fabric. Not only can you easily seal your bowls and cover plates but they can also be folded into a square and be used in school lunches for snacks.

Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida. Bee Friends Farm Honey in North Florida.

Bee Friends Farm Honey

Buying local honey is also a great eco friendly green gift idea. Michael and Christie Leach started Bee Friends Farm here in North Florida in 2013 with a passion to help grow the bee population and to help pollinate local crops and plants. Since then, they have released an entire line of honey, creamed honey, and more to satisfy your green taste buds.

Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida. Reusable SIC Cups.

SIC Cups

Seriously Ice Cold (SIC), will take your green adventure to another level. SIC Cups are available in a variety of styles to fit your everyday needs and they mean business when it comes to keeping your drinks cold making them an easy reusable switch for sure. They may be a national brand, but SIC was started right here in Jacksonville and their warehouse and corporate headquarters are still located in Duval.

Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida. Ridley Glass Straws.

Ridley Glass Straws

Americans use more than 500 million drinking straws daily and glass straws are here to stop that. These reusable pyrex glass straws are eco-friendly, durable, and even dishwasher safe. Michelle Riordan, a glass artist, handmakes each one in her own private studio. With 5 colors that compliment any glass or tumbler, Ridley Straws makes it easy to finally ditch those single use straws.

Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida. Beaches Go Green Apparel and Hats!

Beaches Go Green Apparel

Go green by supporting green efforts! Beaches Go Green is a local organization that shows how we can all reduce, reuse, and recycle while using their platform to inspire. You may have seen their amazing and huge plastic jelly fish display from Deck The Chairs or heard how they just sorted all the trash from The Donna Run. Show how much you care by shopping their online store and snagging a cool shirt or hat that says how you feel and inspires others!

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Eco-Friendly Green Gift Ideas from Jacksonville, Florida.

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