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Camp Weed Summer Camp: 7 Things your Kids will LOVE

Thank you to Camp Weed Summer Camp for sponsoring this post. All opinions about how awesome Camp Weed is are our own.

It’s that time of year. You survived Winter Break and the kids are back in school. Now it’s time to figure out what you’re doing this summer. Yes, we all love our local, Jacksonville summer camps, but what if your kids are ready for sleep away camp?

North Florida has a ton of options, and with what’s best for your child constantly changing (is it STEM or STEAM?), making summer choices isn’t easy. You want your kids to have fun, you want them to do something to help them grow, and you need to make sure it’s all affordable. How can you check all the boxes?! 

Camp Weed Summer Camp, located just an hour and 40 minutes from the heart of Jax Beach, has you covered – at least for one week of the summer. What’s so great about Camp Weed? Here are seven reason your kids will love Camp Weed Summer Camp!

Camp Weed Sleepover Camp in Jacksonville, Florida. Perfect first time sleepaway camp for kids ages 7-14 in North Florida.

Camp Weed is a Place to Try New Things

With a lakefront full of kayaks and canoes, a challenge course with different elements, crazy games each night, and more, there’s bound to be something new for your child to try at Camp Weed. Trying new things (whether they’re successful or unsuccessful) helps children gain resilience, independence, confidence, self-esteem, and more.

But your camper won’t come home scarred from the time he cried trying to make it to the top of the climbing wall! The staff at Camp Weed are trained to use a challenge-by-choice technique, which encourages campers to challenge themselves, but only to the extent they feel comfortable. 

What about the unsuccessful part? A basic part of life is trying and failing, and that’s an important thing for children to learn! The staff and campers at Camp Weed encourage one another and help each other try and try again.

Camp Weed Sleepover Camp in Jacksonville, Florida. Perfect first time sleepaway camp for kids ages 7-14 in North Florida.

Camp Weed is Safe

We doubt you’ll pick your camper up and hear her say, “CAMP WAS SO SAFE! YOU’RE THE BEST MOM EVER!” But, whether they recognize it or not, keeping your children safe does make you the best mom ever. And you won’t have to worry about that at Camp Weed.

All camp staff members are college-aged, and they undergo interviews, reference checks, and background checks before they’re hired. Additionally, they complete online child abuse prevention training before ever arriving at camp. Then, they gather together for a nine-day staff training that covers safety procedures, talking to campers, homesickness, diversity, inclusion, community building, and much more. Staff who work at the pool or waterfront during the summer undergo Red Cross Lifeguard Training, and staff who work at the challenge course receive ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) certification. A number of staff members are also certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

If you’re worried about medication or allergies, don’t be! Camp Weed’s camp nurse can distribute any medication your camper needs based on the medical form you provide. Their all-star chef and his kitchen team can deal (and have dealt) with any allergy you can imagine.

Camp Weed is All About Relationships

Sure, the Camp Weed 500, where campers decorate karts and race them around the huge gym, is legendary. But that’s not what your children will be talking about months after camp. They’ll be talking about how cool their counselors were and how much they can’t wait to see all the friends they made. And YOU made it happen.

Camp Weed prioritizes cabin bonding, and the staff are great at helping campers form meaningful relationships. Plus, camp is unplugged (no phones, video games, etc.), so campers have opportunities not only to build great face-to-face relationships but also to learn how to navigate real-life relationships for the future.

Camp Weed Sleepover Camp in Jacksonville for Kids 7-14

Camp Weed is Religious, but it’s not “Church Camp”

Camp Weed is operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Florida, so religion is an important part of camp. Campers leave knowing more about God and better understanding how to have a relationship with Him. They also come home with a group of Christians who don’t necessarily go to their school or play on their baseball team, so these camp friends are great to call when a camper needs someone to pray for them or wants to talk faith. 

With that said, Camp Weed believes that denominations don’t make sense at such a young age, and religious programming only takes up about an hour and a half of each day. It’s a great way to give your child a foundation of faith but not to make it feel forced.

Camp Weed has Stars

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to take a minute to appreciate nature. Time and time again, the staff at Camp Weed hear campers say “Whoa. There are so many stars.”

In addition to the stars, there are 520 acres filled with a lake, trees, plants, animals, hiking trails, and more. A lot of the activities are done outside (don’t worry – there are plenty of AC breaks), so many campers get to truly experience nature for the first time. 

Camp Weed Sleepover Camp in Live Oak, Florida. Sleepaway Camp for kids 7-14.

Spending Time Apart is Important

Quality time is incredibly important for families, but so is time apart! By sending your child to camp, you’re basically saying, “I trust you enough to do this (and not embarrass me),” which goes a long way with kids.

Additionally, spending time away from familiar family and friends allows kids to make their own decisions. This leads to them finding new things they like, gaining confidence and independence, and more. Plus, distance makes the heart grow fonder – give your child the chance to miss you and see what happens!

Camp Weed is FUN

From the time campers arrive, the days are packed. Between Chaos (where campers get to do things like make their counselors into Ice Cream Sundaes), campfires, and everything in between, Camp Weed is a ton of fun! When you see your campers at the end of the week, they’ll definitely think you’re the best mom ever for sending them to Camp Weed.

Camp Weed Sleepover Camp in Jacksonville, Florida. Perfect first time sleepaway camp for kids ages 7-14 in North Florida.

Where Do I Sign Up for Camp Weed?

Camp Weed offers one three-night session for campers ages 6-10, one one-week session for campers ages 15-17, and four one-week sessions for campers ages 7-14. Additional teen leadership programs are available throughout the summer. To see the dates and find out more, visit The Camp Weed Summer Camp website. If you’re sold and ready to register, you can register for Camp Weed Summer Camp here.

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Camp Weed Sleepaway Summer Camp for kids 6-15 in North Florida.

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