Biking Trails at Bulls Bay Preserve in Jacksonville, FL

Biking at Bulls Bay Preserve

Nestled on the Westside is quite a Jacksonville hidden gem — Bulls Bay Preserve. Bulls Bay Preserve features trails for hiking or biking, picnic benches and tables, public grills, parking area and public restrooms. And something quite unique to Florida, a trail that leads to a waterfall. While this one might be small, it is still a nice reward after a hike or bike ride. And not something you typically get in our flat, lowland state. 

Bulls Bay Preserve in Jacksonville, FL

Getting to Bulls Bay Preserve

If you drive too fast, you might miss the turn for the park. The entrance for Bull Bay Preserve is located directly off Old Plank Road with a small parking lot adjacent to the trails. It consists of 1,222 acres that were acquired on December 21, 1999, as part of a conservation easement for mitigation. The preserve is made up of mostly wetlands, such as the Bulls Bay Swamp, with tributaries to the Trout and Ortega rivers. The swamps buffer the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail from Imeson Road to Bulls Bay Highway.

Bulls Bay Preserve Bike Path Jacksonville, FL

Amenities at Bulls Bay Preserve

Amenities include the northern swamp trail off Imeson Road. There are two miles of hiking/mountain bike trails at the Old Plank Road trailhead. The trails include the Bridge Loop, which is 0.3 miles, the Lily Pond Loop at 0.4 miles, the Live Oak Loop at 0.35 miles, the Waterfall Loop, which is 0.25 miles, and the Old Plank Trail at 0.25 miles. There are connector trails as well. 

Bulls Bay Preserve Bike Trails in Jacksonville, FL

The trails feature several elevation changes with steep downhills for the more experienced bike rider. Along the trails, users will see large oak trees, lily ponds and the small 4-ft waterfall. The waterfall sits on a tributary to the Cedar River, which rises in a neighborhood west of the preserve. The trail also takes you over the top of the waterfall for a view of the lower creeks and smaller falls. 

Bulls Bay Preserve Park Waterfall

The preserve is located at 8017 Old Plank Road, Jacksonville, FL 32220 and is open daily from sunrise to sundown. There is no fee to enter the park. 

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Biking Trails at Bulls Bay Preserve in Jacksonville, FL

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