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5 Reasons IKEA is a Mom Paradise

Did you happen to notice a ray of light shining over 295 and Gate Parkway recently? Yes, I know this is Florida, it’s sunny here. Not that kind of light, silly! The kind of light that beams down when the clouds part and the birds sing. It wasn’t your imagination, IKEA beckons us to visit and we’re convinced it’s a paradise for moms and kids!

IKEA is the kid-friendliest of all the kid-friendly stores. They think of everything. From teeny toilets and sinks in the restrooms, to bibs and children’s utensils in the restaurant area, they’ve got us covered. Your children are encouraged to try out beds and play with toys.

Why Moms Love IKEA Jacksonville Florida Fun for Kids

You can have a legit playdate at IKEA, while also picking up a rug or chair or whatever other items you clearly need. The kids can run around and play in the little rooms, you can grab lunch (inexpensively), and BONUS they will be exhausted when they leave. IKEA also has a supervised play area for kids called Småland where you can drop the kids for an hour and have a mom date!

IKEA Supervised Play Area Smaland Jacksonville Florida

Shopping at IKEA is basically as good as going to the gym. Hear me out, ladies! I just read that the average customer walks 1.75 miles during a typical visit.

Moms Love Ikea Jacksonville Florida

IKEA has delightful, dim lighting. While you’re there it’s like you’re walking around in your favorite Instagram filter.

Why do moms love IKEA Jacksonville Florida

IKEA just wants you to live your best life. Each perfect little room shows you how amazing a cook you would be if your spices were stored perfectly and what a snazzy dresser you could be if your shoes were all lined up just like that.

Added bonus: IKEA products are pretty fantastic as well. You don’t have to spend insane amounts of money to get cute and comfy furniture, home accessories and even a new KITCHEN (done it- might need a whole post of its own).

So, follow the light! And enjoy your meatballs.

Mattie Shepherd moved to Jax Beach from Cincinnati about 3 years ago. She was a school psychologist for 9 years and enjoys using behaviorism on her husband and 2 daughters (JK, kind of). Mattie co-leads a Daisy Troop, is very proud to be on PTA board and cheers LOUDLY watching her first grader play ALL the sports. Mattie loves exploring Jax, especially in search of parks, coffee, cocktails and delish food. At home, she likes baking with her girls, dreaming of buying a fixer upper and covering it with #shiplap, and cropping messes out of her Instagram shots.

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5 Reasons Ikea is a mom paradise jacksonville, Florida




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